• It starts small and grows to be large; compared to a plant or tree. Trees only get larger they do not grow bigger then get smaller, they steady get bigger. (Lk 19:18,19)
  • There is a time for the invitation to come in. Compared to a supper. Those invited did not come; so He sends out his servants to bring in the disabled and poor from the streets and bushes. Wants his kingdom full; so there seems to be a certain number that constitutes full? People need to be compelled to come.  (Lk 14:15-24)
  • It is an age or a time. The Law and Prophets were until it started (John the Baptizer); since that time it is preached. Kingdom being preached seems to be the overwhelming way people find it. (Lk 16:15,16)
  • You cannot see it or observe it’s coming. So it is not Jesus’ second coming. It will not appear and it is not a place. It is within or among people.  (Lk 17:20,21)
  • Kingdom was taken away from those who killed the son and given to a nation who would bear fruit of it. (Mat 21:42-44)
  • The kingdom is like a seed that starts out small and grow larger and becomes greater than the other plants in the garden. It doesn’t get bigger then smaller, it keeps growing bigger.  (Mk 4:31, 32) Compare to Is 9:7 “Of the increase of His government and peace There will be no ending time, forever.” (It is getting bigger and bigger). (Lk 1:33)
  • The kingdom would come with power during the lifetime of those hearing Jesus’ talk about it. (Mk 9:1) (Lk 9:27,28)
  • God establishes his kingdom and it starts small, crushing the other kingdoms and grows to consume them all. This kingdom will never end. (Stone BECOMES a mountain) (Dan 2:34,35,44)
  • Jesus will deliver the kingdom to his Father after he has put all under his authority and puts an end to all other types of rule.( 1 Cor 15:24)
  • When the accuser is cast down, salvation, strength, power and the kingdom have come. (Rev 12:10)
  • It appears that 50% of those invited or projected to be there, did not do what it takes to be ready when it was time to enter.  Also seem to be speaking of the return of Jesus. (Mat 25:1-13)
  • The king goes away, but comes back and holds those he entrusted accountable; rewarding and punishing. (Mat 25:14-42)
  • Jesus is coming back and is going to sit on his throne (on the earth) and his angels are going to help him sort out the good from the bad. (Mat 25:31-42, Mat 13:49,50)
  • The kingdom started with John the Baptist and it suffered violent attack and those who great zeal and commitment took the kingdom by force. (Mat 11:13)
  • There were those alive during the time of Jesus that would see Jesus come into his kingdom before they died. (Mat 16:28)
  • Jesus will sit on the throne of David. (Lk 1:32)
  • Jesus is going away and will return sometime after he receives His kingdom. (Lk 19:11)


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